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mc_, you there?
I have been tracking and trying to find any solutions to calls not functioning correctly (MoH transfers park) with on-net calls. The calls seem to not have the account info updated when passed to the new account. Anyone have any hints other than to disable on-net calls?
hi folks!
is anyone else going to the training next week?
Anyone using Cisco 8800 series SIP phones like the 8841, 8851, or 8861 with Kazoo? Just curious what your experiences have been, features supported, etc.
fseesink: I didnt think those were SIP compatiable?
neurosys: Theyre SIP ONLY. No SCCP. These are the new Cisco handsets.
fseesink: Oh for some reason i was inder the impression they were UC Compatiavle only
fseesink: maybe its the 8900s im thinking of?
Been Googling but with little luck, which makes me wonder if anyone in the non-CUCM world has even bothered with these handsets. They are, being Cisco enterprise level, rather expensive, and I quite frankly would never buy them if setting up a Kazoo/FreeSwitch/other SIP PBX as you can get SIP handsets for far less from pretty much anyone else.
fseesink: I think its cool the have some that come in white :P
But Im just looking for data points here. Its a long story, but I talked until I was blue in the face regarding a VoIP project, trying to show the limitations of Verizons UCCaaS service (which is basically Cisco CallManager in the cloud if you will). I advocated for pretty much any other SIP based solution like Kazoo. But all to no avail. Higher ups opted for it. But all the things I warned about, and a few more to be blunt, ha
reared their ugly heads, and now others are seeing the reality. But the damage has been done. A large chunk of change has been spent on the Cisco 8800 series handsets, so even if they now wished to pull away from UCCaaS, theyve committed themselves hardware-wise to basically a CallManager world.
kr1st1n: no, will look into those
but we can really only look at logs for the last 3 days
fseesink: They run around teh polycom pricing...
fseesink: Ill have to order a couple for the lab :)
fseesink: requried class 2 poe
neurosys: Well if you do, let me know what you find. :-)
fseesink: trying to understand the difference from the 8811 and 8841
neurosys: So my whole point in asking about support is in seeing if theres any way NOT to have to stick to CallManager. One thing that happened is that Verizon pimped their UCCaaS service as having your own cluster in their datacenters on both coasts, providing redundancy, etc. But its all the promises they made about how you could have multiple customers on a cluster, etc., thats hitting home hard. I kept warning folks that CUCM is NO
multi-tenant system. Never has been. We had on-prem CUCM for years and I was the main guy managing it, so I should know. But no no, sure sure, you can provide VoIP services to other institutions, etc. Well, now reality is setting in, and its painfully clear that its not. While you can have multiple AD/LDAP servers synced into a CUCM cluster, only ONE can be used for authentication. So if you have two institutions/organizations, each wi
their own AD/LDAP setup, you cant authenticate against them both, you cant have overlapping usernames, and the list goes on.
fseesink: well i just ordered one for testing
Verizon plays games with the setup. They provide every user with a fake, 10 digit DID to keep things unique. That works to a point, but not for the corporate directory service. And from an admin point of view, no separation at all. Anyone with admin rights can see all devices of all institutions. Its psychotic.
neurosys: Darren will remember how I was on here chatting with him and others, and how I tried hard to get 2600hz to bid on the project. But things didnt go well, and end result was they went this route. Im to the point where I have to simply sit and shut up, because I get no pleasure in saying I told you so, though thats exactly where were at. (I made it clear that if we were going to go the CallManager route, then by all mea
farm it out because I was done doing the support, as I think its an overly complicated system for the size of the institutions involved. Ive always said CallManager is awesome if youre talking a large scale installation of thousands of phones in an enterprise, where you can have dedicated VoIP staff to maintain it. But were talking instituions of 50-300 maybe. CUCM is total overkill both in cost, management, etc.)
fseesink: yep I've converted many :)
Right now the other guys who have had to deal with the technical aspects of this UCCaaS setup are all ready to deep six this project. Apparently during a call with Verizon folks when all these limitations kept being brought up, and the responses were less than helpful, someone said, Or we could simply dump UCCaaS and install CallManager at each site which apparently got a chuckle.
One guy asked me, How long would it take you to spin up a PBX? Which made me smile. But when I brought up the fact that theyve already committed a large chunk of change on the new handsets, I got, Do any other phone systems support them? Hence me being here. I doubt itll actually lead to them going with anything other than CallManager. Theres still a bit too much of the Cisco mindset, akin to the 80s with IBM when N
one ever got fired for buying Big Blue.
Ive Googled for various combination of terms, but while the Cisco 7900 series have gotten some attention due the timeframe way back when, and the hell that they are to work with (yeah, I tinkered with them way back when I was still doing Asterisk and actually got them registering and whatnot), Im coming up empty on folks mentioning the 8800s. Not on the FreeSWITCH site, not on Cudatels, nor 2600hzs& nada. Which doesnt surprise m
Again, why pay $600 ($400 if youre lucky to have educ. discounts) when you can buy equivalent SIP handsets for half that? I sure wouldnt. Heck, between Aastra, Yealink, and others, you can get some very nice phones for way less.
fseesink: yep
fseesink: check your PM
(Action) high fives OpenCNAM
(Action) high fives OutBackDingo :P
fseesink: welp its ordered :P
neurosys: sup
fseesink: Ill put her on my cluster and see how she does
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