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I keep trying to make my DVI devices work on HDMI and I cant do it
bwannduke: shh, we're sleeping in here
don't wake AnGrYfUrBy
mc_: sage advice..from a sage
mc_: noted
(Action) snores
hi. can anybody point me a way to provisioning?
can anyone help with some database questions???
the ideal setup based on kazoo is 7 servers (3 DBs)...
if i have 2 DBs in one datacenter and 1 in another and the DC with 2 goes down, do calls continue to go through or do i need 2 DBs running for data validation?
Hi all: I recently updated to the current version of kazoo in the repos, and appear to have introduced an issue where if I click on my accounts tab, then click on an account, I get "Please wait..." for ever.
kusznir: what version you on now 3.21?
looks like 3.20. Ran the update about 3 days ago.
Problem ever since.
kusznir: have you cleared cache in browser since update?
I've shiift-reloaded a few times, but I have not done a global cache clear.
i would try that
what version did you update from?
didn't log...but it had been 1-2 months minimum since my last upgrade.
i updated on dev system from 3.18 to 3.20 and had no problems...
i would try clearing browser cache and flushing db cache
stormqloud: how servers in your cluster?
*how many
Thanks. Other issue: can someone help interpret this sipify trace for me: http://paste.ie/view/e31792fa
Issue is that whenever extension 100 is dialed, the call may ring, but is going to voicemail, and user reports his phone never rings.
user able to make outbound calls and phone is registered?
I am pretty sure this is a problem with extension 100's network or phone, but I can't get to that location (4+ hrs drive each way from me), so I'm trying to figure out from logs what is going on.
Phone is registered, and outbound works fine. Only inbound.
probably a DND button
i agree with Necroman
Phone sometimes rings 1-3 times before going to voicemail.
does the trace show the remote phone actively rejecting the call?
i've experienced similar when client has accidentally set up call forward or DND
I suspect either may be the case.
I'm having trouble decoding the sip packets from the sipify trace, but in part because all the packets are coming "from" the kazoo server's IP, and I'm not good enough at reading the sip packet to always identify what is coming from which end.
I've called the users' office manager and informed her that it most likely is a call forward setting on his phone based on some other stuff that I'm hearing; we'll see how that goes.
that's better then saying reboot and call me back
anyone have any input on DB server setup?
would a better setup be 8 servers - 1 FS, 1 Kazoo, 2 DBs each in 2 datacenters
kusznir: is there another leg call ID in your call logs for this call? THe pastie is showing the inbound (to kazoo) from the caller. Note the invite says "recv 1233 bytes from <address>" that means the initial invite came into us. The leg to your customer should show send not recv for the first invite.
if there is another call ID to sipify you should do that
I thought there should be another call leg, and I just went through the logs throughly a second time, but didn't find it.
I looked at a call history log through the gui just now, and when extension 104 calls extension 100, I see what I'm pretty confidant are 3 different enteries all for the same call.
the first one shows the extension 104 calling the user's cell phone, but that's not what extension 104 actually dialed.
I also see a call from the external DID to extension 100 that started 1 sec later, shown as owned by the owner of extension 100, and a call from and to the DID owned by the owner of ext 100, and finally, a call from the DID to the users' cell phone.
I'm not sure how a phone set to forward would come up looking in the logs...this seems odd to me. Its especially odd to me that nowhere in the call history log does it show a call from 104 to 100, but that was what was dialed.
kusznir: is 12088826101 the cell phone of ext 100 user
Nope, that's the DID for the account.
and 12084124506
in your callflow do you have the cell phone?
Sorry, had other calls. btracht the 2084124506 is the cell phone that calls are getting forwarded to.
The cell phone is listed as a device of the user but the active box is unchecked. In theory, it should not be calling the cell phone from a call flow, but its not out of the question that it might be happening (if so, I need to figure out where/why and fix it)
The user just e-mailed me and swears his phone is not set to forward or DND, but all calls are being routed to his cell phone and his desk phone never rings.
why don;t you delete and recreate the callflow
also make sure you are pouinting the callflow at his user not his device
yes, it is.
I'll delete and recreate now.
Ok, so I've deleted his cell phone device and I've deleted his call flow, recreated the call flow using his user and then voicemail, and I'm getting the same behavior.
Is there anywhere in the system that he could have set call forwarding that I don't see?
found it: edit user -> call forward -> enable call forward was set.
Not sure when/who did that...I normally don't do that...In any case, all is good now.
Except I still can't get accounts <click on account> to load, even after flushing my cache on my browser. I'll try more stuff later, and possibly upgrade after business hours this evening (soundlsike .31 may be out??)
JR^: another UI ticket in the kazoo project
k_anderson: what is this Call Center UI this ticket talk about ? :)))
there is a call center whapps, I've nver installed it but there is soeting in the kazoo-ui tree
it's in there
it's call queues,.
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