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Question folks: has the latest kazoo been compiled with erlang_18.0?
am getting errors when trying to compile it
src/poolboy.erl:17: type queue() undefined make[2]: *** [ebin/poolboy.app] Error 1
src/edown_doclet.erl:116: field packages undefined in record doclet_gen src/edown_doclet.erl:118: field filemap undefined in record doclet_gen make[2]: *** [ebin/edown.app] Error 1
chuckman I think 15b
Brian i actually pulled newer version of poolboy and edown, they compiled
am having this now though ../../core/whistle-1.0.0/include/wh_amqp.hrl:177: type set() undefined
chuckman: as Brian- said, 3.x kazoo targets R15B03-1
4.x will target 17 and hopefully do a better job of tracking to 18 and beyond
there's a branch on Github with the r17 work
if you want to contribute to it
ok sure, it is fine. i will try when possible
could someone kindly explain me the usage of omnipresence and how it works? i found it hard to trackthe barely commented codes to figure it out.
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