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has anyone ever successfully configured a Cisco 7942 on Kazoo?
Im having a hell of a time
Based on a search of past IRC logs I can see that support for non-SPA Cisco handsets is a no-go. Welp
probably could have spent the last couple of hours on something more productive if I had searched the IRC logs first, lol
I wonder if older firmware would work
jde|office_ I did years ago.
jde|office_ nat_enable: "1" is important when you are using them with a server that isn't on the local network if I remember correctly..
they will work but they're a massive PITA :)
Hi guys. I appears 2600hz has been officially removed from Wikipedia. While being a VoIP and overall technology aficionado, I was initially irked at the disregard the 2600hz project received. As I focused a little more on the arguments and guidelines that Wikipedia is attempting to streamline across their 5 million articles, empathy crept in. I believe it is more or a miscommunication and lack of understanding on the s
ubject by the volunteers at Wikipedia. I was able to locate additional independent new sources referencing 2600hz which I have submitted to admins.
Hopefully it will be reversed.
Brian-, I did enable NAT but I think part of the problem might be that Im running the 9.x firmware
and from what I understand its very hard to downgrade a Cisco enterprise phone once it has been upgraded.
Im kinda too lazy to mess with it right now. Got other stuff to work on.
But I'll see.
I think ultimately it would probably just be safer to implement a policy that we don't support Cisco enterprise phones. The doctor's office I'm setting up was more than happy to lay down cash for new Polycoms, and a lot of the businesses around here are willing to drop money on new phones given how much money we are saving them by switching them off the ILEC.
jde|office 9.x sounds very new
jde|office last time I looked at these devices they were on 7.x
Brian- back in 2009 or so I believe I was regularly flashing them to 8.12
so 7.x would be quite ancient indeed
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