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good morning all!
does anyone know how I can modify text in the Monster-UI apps? I've updated i18n/en-US.json but it does not seem to update the interface. I assume I need to do some kind of import into the database, but can't find where. :(
just saw freeswitch 1.6 is out with mod_kazoo built in, any idea if it's reasonably safe to toss a node of FS1.6 alongside the 1.4s in the same cluster?
vralev: dont do that, mod_kazoo was integrated with several changes, test it with kazoo/master if you want
vralev: there are some incompatible changes in kazoo/master (merging KAZOO-3959 soon) that makes it very copmkicated to maintain backward compatibility
If a DID is in a subaccount and it is going to a landline which happens to be another DID in parent account, will the call go outside or will it be routed locally ?
Good day, Kazooers
is there a way to attach a custom SIP header to extension dials?
e.g. to a ring group, or to a direct user dial
in the callflow.
I have a subscriber that wants a custom ring tone depending on the callflow path taken to ring an extension
bazyar: what kind of phones?
I understand on the phone side (most) phones can take a certain SIP header that specifies the alternate ringtone.
So then the question is getting Kazoo to send that header
i know polycoms can set ringtone to contact list in phone
no extras in header
dont know if grandstreams allow that but seems like an easy solution if available
I'm pretty sure they look at the Alert: header
I see that Kazoo allows you to put a "custom_sip_headers" into Device objects
But where I'd really want this is in a ring_group callflow object or a User callflow object
That discusses two options; one, to set a ringtone based on whether a call is internal or external, which is not what I'm after.
And the other is to set a custom_sip_header on Devices.
I suppose I could set up two "devices" for each extension/phone and ring one vs the other based on callflow
but that's an evil evil hack.
I may have to add it myself!
bazyar, I suggest using community.2600hz.com help center. See if there is something already there or in the works. If not, then create a jira ticket presenting your design plans and opening discussion on it.
ok I will check it out, thanks
In the past I've used google docs to put together the design presentation. It is good for formating, allows for comments and contributions and does versioning. :)
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