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anyone alive again ?
richm: are you alive, mostly you are :)
YamakasY: yes
Hmm, the new SSL/TLS fixes in 389 seems to make the 1.1.6 version of the windows console completely broken
Is there a fix, or is it coming?
I have been trying to google to identify it
But I think the console is trying to do TLS 1.0, but the servers don't support it anymore
Or a mismatch on NSSCipherSuite, since it still fails when changing NSSProtocol to TLSv1.0
or is the Windows console completely deprecated? I see the version is 5 years old :(
Looks like the admin connection negotiates fine, it's the LDAPS connection that can't connect
When attempting to login using the windows console, it returns an error that it cannot connect to the Directory Server "cannot communicate securely with peer no common encryption algorithm(s)"
For a few issues in trac from last year I see "Rebuild Console for Windows should fix this issue." is there a document for this process? Is it just the .jar files that need to be built? 1.1.6 that it comes with seems to be pretty old
Surye: the fix is coming, and it's more than jar files
nkinder: okay, happy it's on deck for a fix, I can work around for now. Thank!
Surye: updated versions are needed for NSPR and NSS, which are in progress
JSS too actually
nkinder: I was trying to find some recognition of the problem, but I couldnt find it mentioned anywhere, so I wasnt sure if I was doing something wrong