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Hi all, is there someone around to help me search a huge delay from the zarafa webclient with freeipa as directory server
This issue is also available with 389 directory server standalone but i wanna use freeipa for security reasons
when using openldap the webinterface is quick and responsive but when using with freeipa is have delays for changing the folder inbox to e.g. junk it takes 4 a 5 seconds whereas openldap as backend is instant
normally i would say something with caching or indexes but i only have one user in both ldap servers
and my search dn is to the last ou where the user is in
hi william__ could you share already the access logs ? there you can find the exact request + result. And see the etime + see if the query was indexed or not.
gparente: ab, from freeipa looked at the zarafa ldap code and that was not optimized
zo i now try zimbra
ok, no problem.
anyone there