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But the explination of the indexing and serialisation would explain the behaviour I am seeing.
Don't think I'm here saying it's a bug, I just wanted some advice on how to track it down and isolate what the cause was
from here, I think I can investigate a bit more. Thanks for your help tbordaz and elkris
Are there ways to look at the backend bdb files and to trace what's using them?
db_stat or similar?
Firstyear: you could verifyif you have defined substr index for member or uniquemember and if you really need them
Yes, I was going to look at that tomorrow. I don't think I have them, but they would ceraitnly be expensive.
Saying this, I'm not the only one who maintains these instances, so who knows what someone else has done in my abscence
Firstyear: what do you mean by "what's using them", you can check which files are opened with db_stat -m (or -M A)
as in, threads and operations on the db
Yep. some clown has put sub on uniquemember.
I guess that's the obvious target to remove at this point.
Anyway, I'll do that as a priority, and then I'll monitor it from there.
Again, thanks for your help and advice!
Firstyear: the problem with substring indexing is that eg you remove a value of "cn=xxx,o=yyy" all triples like "xxx",xx,",x,o",... would have to be removed
but tehy might exist in an other value, so should not be rmoved from the index.
what is done is to create all index triples for all values from the entry befor mod and after mod, then sort each set and do diff :-(
yeah. It's really expensive. I have a basic idea of how that works
I need to read up some more :)
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