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Anyone with much pyasn experience here?
Firstyear, fyi freeipa has an aci parser as well but uses regex instead of recursion
and pyasn has a pretty active list if you have questions
Yeah, I should look at taht.
Okay, I'll find that mailing list then :)
Thanks for your advice :)
I'm not planning the aci parser to be nearly as complete as the freeipa one, It's more for "reading" and comparing acis than creating and manipulating them
nhosoi_: I'll ask that asn question to the pyasn mailing list, as without that working that deref control is a bit useless.
Firstyear: all right. let's wait for their response...
Yep. It's been fun so far, I didn't have any clue how to implement one of these controls 48 hours ago :)
I've learnt quite a bit, which is always awesome.
hi guys
who can help me do deal this issue
i'm going to do some db2ldif and ldif2db between servers
but once extracted from origin and imported to destination i got several warnings about syntax
dr_gogeta86: what version of 389 are you exporting and then importing into?
Can you also fpaste the errors log showing the syntax errors?
1.2.5 to 1.2.5 for now
dr_gogeta86: that version is really old. But if both versions are the same, then maybe they have different configurations.
check /etc/dirsrv/slapd-INSTANCE/dse.ldif and look for "nsslapd-syntaxcheck" and "nsslapd-dn-validate-strict". Make sure tghey are identical on both systems
NOte - you must stop the server before editing this file, or you can use ldapmodify to set the values without restarting the server
But first we need to see the the exact errors you are getting
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