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Hi guys
(and gals)
I was wondering if anyone can point me to a good resource to help better understand where my "err=53" (server unwilling to perform) errors are coming from and why
When looking at my access logs, I am seeing:
err=53 with tag=97, which seems to indicate that the server is unwilling to perform a bind operation
I'm stuck here though, trying to figure out what the next step is to conclusively trace back the cause of this to it's root and resolve it
hi bowhunter. Could be for a number of reasons. For istance, an unauthenticated bind against a server which is configured not to accept that.
bowhunter: anything in the errors log? Can you fpaste the entire access log snipet?
Hey guys, had a meeting
yes, will paste all relevant data to fpaste
Hello ldap gurus. I have a question about "dn". I read rfc2253 rfc4514 but I'm not sure wether brackets are allowed '(', ')' and how it should be escaped.
let's say the group name is "group(123)" and base dn is "dc=example,dc=com"
what will be the dn of this group?
lslebodn: ')
oops, sorry.
'(' ')' are no need to be escaped.
lslebodn: it works for me
mreynods_: me, too. ;)
and if I want to use this dn in filter (membe=$dn)
then shoudl I escape all charactes in dn?
(member=name\\3Dexpired-group(2016)\\,cn\\3Dgroups\\, ...)
lslebodn: You need to escape it in a search filter
I paste wrong line. '(', ')' should be escaped as well
btw I have a problem with libldb, but it should behave as LDAP. This is a reason of questions on this channel :-)
cn=mark(dn) needs be escaped like this for a filter: "(cn=mark\(dn\))"
mreynolds_: thanks