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I see there's a new windows console released! But it's giving me some problems: http://pastebin.ca/3163230
Looks like it's having trouble with the new crypto dlls?
I wonder if it has to do with Java 8, Java 7 is out of support for oracle now :P I'll try installing 7
Nope, no luck with that.
Did the new console release notes or other docs specify compatible Java versions?
(which, mind you, probably change by the hour, lol)
(Action) ponders using Java build versions as a form of 2FA token code....
I have set "nsslapd-minssf: 56" to require ldap encryption, but when I connect using non-ssl, I can still see the rootdse. is this expected behavior? I would think that any non-encrypted connection should be rejected outright. I do have "nsslapd-allow-anonymous-access: rootdse"
orev: rootdse should be allowed
a lot of clients know what auth/encryption is available by looking at rootdse
simo: ok, so that is expected to be available even if expecting encryption? it just seems like a hole since the client could try to login by sending a password in plaintext
orev: nothing will stop a client from doing that, so having rootdse available is an orthogonal issue
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