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ugh, the linear heap behavior is so weird
you can free a hole in it, and then later reallocate that hole
but you can allocate a new section off the end that's non contiguous
you can't*
(even though you could get the same layout by allocating a contiguous chunk and then freeing a hole in it)
weird :P
another question: is it correct that __service_ptr is not initialized/configured by ctrulib but already set by the 3DS OS ?
no, it's set by the homebrew loader
(likely ninjhax)
if it's compiled as CIA homebrew then it simply isn't set and remains 0
then if it 0 then how do we get service handles ?
from the OS
that list is just for extra handles that the loader can provide and that you might not have regular access to
but on CIA homebrew you control the access list anyway so that doesn't matter
hmm ok ctrulib __get_handle_from_list seems to assume that it is not 0
uh, why do you think that?
it has an explicit check for 0 right at the start, even :P
yes "assume" is not the right word, I meant if it is 0 then nothing will work no ?
no, check where __get_handle_from_list is called
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