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really only the svcCreate* calls
given that small snippet, I might guess it takes two args
but I might be wrong
this is how I'm setting up the stack at the moment:
thread->stack = memalign(8, 0x8000);
return svcCreateThread(&thread->handle, entry, (u32) context, (void*) (((intptr_t) thread->stack) + 0x7FE0), 0x1F, 1);
context is passed into the thread create function and is caller-defined
in this case it's a struct that's on the stack of the other thread
checked that memalign returned a valid ptr and that entry is valid?
memalign() uses the heap. Don't you already use the entire heap for the ROM?
no, there's a bit of space left over
I think it's 4MB at the moment
so, plenty
IronFall passed Mii Plaza as my number 1 most played game ;_;
I never asked for this
I have asked what this is. It's called by many functions so it's not easy to track down what svc it was initially.
I guess it was svcCreateThread()
seems that way
seeing as it looks like the mutex creation and (presumably) locking works as well
am I passing the wrong end of the stack in?
If you have an u8 array of 0x8000 you can give it &thread->stack[0x8000]
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