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lesson of the last few days, you must check for both IFG and IE flags when trying to distinguish USCI_A from _B in the interrupts
IFG alone does not do it
also, i2c mode is strange in that both rx and tx use the tx int vector
TI's i2c library overwrites the entire interrupt register to do its thing, so there's that too
Uh. Seriously? .__.
That's so bizarre.
my code never uses usci_a and _b at the same time, so it's been working fine
i've just been chasing a weird issue where it transmits a random character on startup
random character, then everything normal
turns out i was running through the interrupt code for both modules every time i ran either
znm: yes on the G2xxx series USCI is fu*king weird.
I discovered this too somewhat recently when writing my own i2c driver. F5xxx/6xxx and eUSCI is much cleaner IMO.
When having defined a bus 'A[0..15]' the automatic signalname function happily creates A16, A17, A18 etcetera when the Ins key is pressed. You can even tie an A0 address line into the D[0..7] bus. This is not a CAD tool, this is a hobby project to study C++.
is this true? ;o
early energia had that issue znm I think with the i2c
which part are you wondering is true g0rdon ?
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