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and looking at the energia i have ..
i don't see any msp432 ..
* its been a while since i build energia
ok ..
so i just did git pull on the latest energia
you don't end up with any msp432 stuff
wait ..
it was there
but when i try to build ..
i get a message ...main.cpp:18:19: fatal error: Board.h: No such file or directory
i'm on linux so it is likely they don't test much there
and this was the tip of the git tree .. and they don't seem real cautious about making sure everything they check in actually works
there does appear to be a setModule though
I mean currently, both i2c and spi ports can not be used on a 5529
so i would rather go buy the board that does work
the lm4f does work, with both spi and i2c.
but it is too powerful for this project.
i guess that is one approach :)
or if energia truely was a community lead effort you would add the code to support i2c on the second module and ask for them to include it
Rickta59: i am an arduino user. sorry, if i were able to do that, i would.
it wasnt
a dig towards you : )
don't you have a maple mini?
hey guys is there a software i2c lib for msp430f5529
i think i've seen one, i don't remember if it for a master or a slave
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