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my nrf24 adapter board worked great. :)
do you have your board design up on oshpark voodoofish1 ? url?
yeah, though not sure of the link at the moment.
but I do have a pic of it....wow it looks dirty in that pic too... :/
populated and tested it last night, sending data as I expected...
I need some rosen flux cleaner...stuff gets all over and makes the board look dirty....the cat hair doesn't help either...
apparently I haven't shared the project...I'll have to do that.
that would be neat thanks
heh .. looks like you were eating cotton candy and touching the board
nah, that was from the flux...
I hadn't touched the flux pen for a while so the tip dried out....it's very....leaky now....so it got a bit all over the place.
what chip do you have on there?
ah ..zooming in i see a g2452 : ) .. your fav
yep :D
I have a whole bunch of other chips too but using this model doesn't feel like I'm wasting a better proc.
so what will you be sensoring with this?
apparently I also sampled 2353's.....and 2453's and 2553's....but I made the pinout for the 2452....
Initially it was for sensing a doors opening and closing using a hall sensor/magnet when I wasn't at home. Sort of a security thing...but I have 3 channels that I can read/tx. + the internal temp sensor.
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