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pretty simple actually
he created his own instruction set
and starts the instruction interpreter using a jsr
then uses the stack pointer as the start of his custom instructions
limited the opcode and addressing to 1 bytes so it could be easily decoded
so the code become really small because it is using a 1 byte opecode and 16 byte address args
whereas doing it in 8 bit would use more code space
so you might do the same thing with the msp430 to deal with 32 bit stuff
or to create smaller code to do some 16 bit stuff
maybe to do some gpio things with less flash used
make it 1 byte of code to set a pin or clear a pin
combine that with a delay opcode
i don't know .. just speculating
or implement a basic in opcodes
membiblio did you have a good nap?
Rickta59 yes I did - I got in bed when we spoke last - watched The Strain last episode #13 - and then slept until 8am this morning - I'm ready to go! :)
I was sooo tired - I had worked for about 8 days straight - which is NOT ideal
what do you do?
@ membiblio
I work for myself doing embedded design, systems consulting on linuxcnc and fixing old expensive equipment like printing presses, trash compactors - anything with a cpu that other people give up on but is expensive enough to fix - Ingersoll Rand Bobcats... :)
What about you Rickta59?
interesting ..
hmm .. i don't know what i do anymore
Why do you say that? I remember our earlier conversation which we never completed.
Do what I do in your area.
membiblio: check your pm
Rickta59 - you have to make something that you can sell - check my website http://embedworx.com
have you actually sold any of those?
MSP430 Hardware Consulting and MSP430 Software Consulting : $10 -> 10 minutes ...
heh .. so you owm me a pile of cash : )
Hey Rickta59 - sorry was helping someone in linuxcnc
Rickta59 - no I have not sold anything nor has anyone called from the website
Rickta59 - but my point is DO SOMETHING - wash rinse repeat
Rickta59 - I would be happy to buy or give you some of the modules I purchased - what were they - serial to ethernet and - serial to bluetooth low energy
Rickta59 - and I would be happy to share any of my code with you grattis msp430 wireless and android stuff
heh .. i was just pulling your leg
yanking your chain
rattling your cage ; )
No I'm not pulling your leg - this is what they do in China and Cambodia and Laos - all the places we are competing with now
Rickta59 - I would be happy to participate in a project with you - provide you with hosting if you need
does hexchat do private messaging?
* i think that is what you said you use
Yes it does
I see a pm from you
go there now
Getting back into the swing of searching for a job
A listing out of Dallas
"Firmware Developer: Experience with ARM-CM, AVR, PIC, MSP430, and Cypress SoC preferred."
would be better if they included MSP432 in there too just for kicks
(I know it's covered with ARM CM but still)
that is unusual .. Cypress?
i've been tempted to grab one of those $10 PSOC5 dev boards
* cortex-m3 with a real debugger instead of bootloader only
I was half-expecting to see 9S12, 8086, FPGA
did you apply?
Yes, although that was the most abbreviated application process I've ever seen
they probably just need your ip address now to figure out everything you are about : )
Two fields, Name & Email, then an upload button for resume, then "K WE GOT IT, WE'LL GET IN TOUCH"
Random aside, am I weird, for really being fond of 4chan/g/'s habit of photoshopping screenshots of adorable animu girls with engineering books?
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