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Oh, okay, both USCI modules use the same vector.
lol yep
This is still escaping me.
that's fu*king weird but it's true on the G2xxx series
I can't get proper interrupt enabling on USCI_A and USCI_B concurrently.
IE2 I think is the register for the interrupt enables?
The basic idea is I want RX to be handled by A (UART) and TX to be handled by B (SPI)
Holy chit I've got both interrupts triggering
But now it doesn't seem like the data's actually being sent
So then what is the proper way to configure concurrent use of USCI_A and B
....oh my god
I just got it working
I was using "=" for P1SEL and P1SEL2 instead of "|="
Congratulations Amperture!
hahaha that's one of those things you mess up only once, ever
love those bugs
does anyone know about the serial api in chrome?
i was just searching around for some settings on chrome and found it it detects usb devices ... which lead me to talk about a serial api
wtf .. i'm more and more wanting to just pull the plug on the internet
at first i was just wondering why it was probing my usb devices
wondering why it was doing that
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