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early stuff
early launchpad stuf
back when 2k was all you got on the g2231
and 16k on the g2553
and 8k on the g2452
not sure if he has contributed much since then
i think he got disgusted with it all when energia started to be the main topic on 43oh
to be honest real code has gone down and energia has taken its place
you don't seem much code about the 5529 which is pretty decent
and the fram chips are kind of neat but they have some restrictions too
like wait states start getting added about 8Mhz
but .. if you are looking at the msp430 you probably should be focused on low power
the 5529 can go to ~25MHz without any flash wait states
the newest fram chips are limited to 16MHz
although there is the msp430fr5739 which can go to 24MHz ..
but that is old fram and has been deprecated
but it was also limited to 16k of fram
but they do have the TIMERB .. which has some neat features over the TimerA
* double buffered timer stuff
the smaller chips the g2452 and g2231 are pretty limited ..
although the USI SPI on there has one feature you don't find on the USCI or EUSCI ..
you can set the bit count .. from 1 to 16
so you can use it to spew 16 bits of data before it needs more
sometimes useful
specifically for some lcds
that use 9 bits
also seems that i've been able to overclock the smaller ones to a higher level
~21MHz and they seem ok
but it depends on the chip
18Mhz easily
which is sometimes useful for getting a uart friendly fast baud rate
the clocks on the g2 are really flexible .. you can set the MCLK to just about any value
all via software
although the FR series is also flexible
so is that true that you can't download CCS for use in Iraq?
the guy on 43oh is complaining he can't download
if you can't get the software, how do you get the boards/chips?
* not really sure why people were helping someone in Iraq with WSN stuff anyways
because in 2015 you just can't expect people to use wired weight traps now can you
that would be so... middle-ages
they were using donkies when I was there to deliver IEDs
seems like rocks and stones would be appropriate
how are things there g0rdon ? I just read something about the trains being stopped to deter immigrants
yeah, read that too
unless the shop calls back that i can pick my vehicle up, i won't be around that part of the town, so i don't care
probably a good place to avoid
it's supposed to be a not too friendly place in any case (well, train station, what do you expect)
though i used to work just next to it for like a decade, never had problems
that was our recreation as a kid .. riding the trains for 10 cents
one train station used to go through a candy factory
it made you crave it
what country are you guys talking about?
oh cool
and iraq .. without the trains but with the donkies
i spent a few days in budapest in 2011, it was pretty nice
train stations a bit crowded these days
I spent last summer in Europe for school. Train stations may be crowded every one I went to in Europe beat any airport
*but every one
Some scholars believe, however, that Muhammad did not receive the Quran from heaven, as he claimed during his lifetime, but instead collected texts and scripts that fit his political agenda.
no sh*t!!
oh noes
don't worry
they are heading to germany
so has anyone looked at redoing the msp430-libc for msp430-elf-gcc .. or more important does anyone care?
i just took a quick stab at it ..
seems like just a few changes to get a smaller lib
* mostly reordering the code in the .S files to use the new ABI
is anyone interested in this?
newlib is especially fat for the msp430
$ msp430-elf-size a.out text data bss dec hex filename 1994 412 16 2422 976 a.out
newlib size
$ msp430-elf-size a.out
text data bss dec hex filename
344 4 0 348 15c a.out
msp430-libc size
348 vs 2422
http://dpaste.com/1KTBHKV foo.c
that seems interesting
never used libc myself, but could be useful
the one that came with msp430-gcc was pretty decent for the msp430
never really had a need for anything libc
i think my gcc script compiles it ;)
str stuff?
never did output really
yeah blinky lights don't need much libc help :)
atoi is cat ttyUSB0 | xxd :)
the big changes ..
large model stuff is different ..
__int20 instead of an attribute(__int20__)
and passed arugments are reversed
old was r12,r13,r14,r15
new is r15,r14,r13,r12
so the .S files need some fix up
i wouldn't bother except the whole thing with the libc in msp430-elf-gcc being broken for months and no one cares got me to do something
i've only fixed the things need to make atoi work so i could see how much work it would be
so Rick, using C++ templates, would it be possible to build, say, a hardwareserial class where the template arguments are a list of UCxxxxx register names?
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