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yeah my thought was reset a timer once a second and have it increment by milliseconds
then if you need to take a reading, read its current value
assuming a 32 bit timer peripheral obviously
You ever have those moments
Where it's like
I don't even remember what the direction register values should be.
1 for output, or 0 for output.
I keep having to remind myself every time I write code.
See I get mindfu*ked.
Because I watched Ben Heck's video on PIC's. And he did like a memetic, think of 1 as "I" in input, and 0 as "O" in Output.
but then he went on and said, "It's the other way around for AVR"
and I'm just left going "Well...now I've recalled that, but which way is it for MSP?"
btw yes I just got done looking it up
i make defines and stop thinking about it ; )
shut up
stop it
avr and msp and arm all all the same
i've gotten in the habit of posting about stuff i forget .. so i can look it up later
i once posted about how to set the clock out on a stm32 pin ..
years went by .. i google it .. and the thing i posted years ago pops up as the first hit
see my "My time with the Renesas RX" thread at 43oh for another good example
I sometimes see that thread pop up when looking for RX stuff
it's like we're actually using google for our own ends rather than them using us for theirs
damn I am learning about measuring time, and it is interesting. us hobbiysts are limited to mechanical and quartz systems.
there are clocks that can measure 10^-15 seconds
and clocks that are subjected to different accelerations will show different time
haha so clocks that can measure einstein's theory of relativity
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