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woo, went to the hackaday meetup in DC
that was actually pretty fun
came home with some Atmel SAM D20 Xplained Pro board just b/c they had a box of them to give away
morning gents
has anyone tried to download software from ti.com in the last couple of days
i just tried to download a windows version of CCS 6 and after I pressed the button .. it said .. my request was being reviewed
and someone would get back to me
"Your request will be reviewed - If you are approved, in a few days you will receive an email from TI. If you need to reach us, .. "
can someone else try this and see if they get the same thing?
hmm ..
must be an ad blocker thing
i started up a session without the ab on and it worked
hey guys I put 2 rtc's side by side, with the same battery ps, and measured the 32khz pulse from both and measure both signals with a scope, and made a video of it at: https://instagram.com/p/7lHRevBmN6/
so one of them is slower than the other, that changes like one pulse width each 20 secs
anyone here?
No - no one here... :)
Does anyone know why CCS v6 would throw a "Undefined reference to round" requiring Math Lib needing to be included for a statement like: "prtInfList[i] = NULL;" ?
UARTConfig * prtInfList[5]; is the declaration of prtInfList
and UARTConfig is a structure
that has a enum in it
so no reason for math lib! :)
So what are you guys working on today?
cambazz and Rickta59
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