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TI having a back to school sale...so question on the msp-FET, is that 115 normal...so is it 55 for it now?
voodoofish430: sigh.. i brought that last year
haven't touched it since
hmm......doesn't sound promising... :)
I was going to read more of the specs later to see if it adds anything more than what I use...
I mean I'm still just using the old LP boards to do my programming of anything.
115 is normal
it's not worth it if you have one of the newer eZFET LP's
it does 4wire jtag and different voltage levels
that's basically it
it looks like he took a clock apart ..
not sure what part he "built"
pretty ridiculous though
i think it is actually going to work out for him
gets to meet the president
gets and invite to Facebook from the Zuck
MIT is talking to him
Serious. it's basically the clock without a case.
it looks more like a shock hazard than anything else
I'm 100% sure that there is nothing he actually made.
I'm certain that the 9V battery connector is just the battery backup for the clock... in fact... I have seen the internals of this large LED clock before. The chip can't even display all seven segments of any number at the same time.
what I don't understand is why the science teacher wasn't called in
The smart guy that "built" a clock, merely took it out of it's case. so smart. go to mit.
maybe TI will get him some launchpads .. aren't they in Dallas?
I would bet money that this is the exact clock young brainiac took apart.
one of the TI'ers was talking on facebook about sending that dude some beaglebones and launchpads
and I saw larissa swanland saying digilent is sending some robotics kits
this kid's gonna be loaded with more gadgets than he knows what to do with
homeowner rite of passage succeeded: changed a toilet flush valve and mounting bolts.
Yeah, that damn thing is huge
He's holding up a transformer? Why does a digital clock need a transformer?
I mean sure if you want to run it off mains, but the goal should be at first to run it off battery
didn't actually look at it 'til now
yeah so he jacked another kit and put it together inside a case
It's really hard to judge the situation
I mean that is pretty good for a 14 year old
That said, look at the picture of the circuit taken while it was inside that metal briefcase
then look at the rat's nest of PCB's and wires he's holding in the DMN video
That is not the same circuit displayed
On the one hand, I feel like an as****e looking at the situation and saying, "I don't believe you."
Cuz damn it's a little kid
On the other hand, I don't believe him
don't believe what?
That he invented (his words) that clock circuit he displays.
yeah he could just be demonstrating early aptitude in the art of Steve Jobs'ing something :-)
You see those websites popping up
People going "Hey here's how you identify a clock from a bomb." "This is a clock."
I mean hell, no one actually wants to think of the lessons we can learn from this incident, just want to hem and haw about it.
i bet the sale of those faux-dynamite clocks on amazon will go up
i think back to 8th grade and there was a goofy kid who would do stuff like that in my school, it wasn't a brainiac .. he just liked getting shocked and taking stuff apart
i doubt Richard Nixon would have invited him to the white house
I hadn't been on /g/ in a few days, looks like they're taking the same approach as me and Rickta59
To the situation
there are 32GB sd card on ebay for $5
so I wonder what is their capacity
are they 4GB
or maybe 8GB
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