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Good Morning Every Body and Everybody also
i.e. Good Morning all the living bodies, and all the dead bodies too!
What about those that are kinda undecided or maybe like half-way inbetween?
Like me?
Random note: Does anyone have the snippet on-hand that lets you handle interrupts whether you're using the GCC compiler or CCS? The one that uses the #ifdef's and all that mess?
Amperture : yes here - this came from msp430 fr 5969 demo in ccs v6 view -> Resource Explorer -> fr5969 in search
#if defined(__TI_COMPILER_VERSION__) || defined(__IAR_SYSTEMS_ICC__)
#pragma vector=USCI_A0_VECTOR
__interrupt void USCI_A0_ISR(void)
#elif defined(__GNUC__)
void __attribute__ ((interrupt(USCI_A0_VECTOR))) USCI_A0_ISR (void)
#error Compiler not supported!
Thank you TI for all your hard work on CCS v6 and Resource Explorer! You make my life eazy peazy
and productive :)
Appreciate it, membiblio
Amperture you are welcome
Although it's weird, since switching to the old version of mspgcc, apparently just the "#pragma vector" works now, instead of needing the __attribute__ bit
old version - are you saying mspgc before ti/redhat the peterB version?
Rickta59 are you around? Your recommendation of Blunt Talk with Patrick Stewart was Excellent - it is VERY good :) Thank you Showtime has the first 2 or 3 episodes on their website for free
It is VERY funny. Spectacular really. And Brent Spinner is in it. I wonder if this is a nod to the Star Trek nerds? :)
peterB's version supported the #pragma vector= syntax
another good reason his version of gcc wouldn't be supported upstream :)
Spirilis - I don't understand why it is what you said - please educate me - why, specifically, would that syntax not be supported upstream - is it contra to GNU methodology?
Spirilis - fwiw - I really liked the old, pre RedHat/TI, mspgcc but now that we are here the new TI/RedHat mspgcc is capable and creates excellent code that is small (if you don't include printf/sprintf - I cobbled together a light xsprintf/xprintf from available web snippets - the difference is 11k without printf/sprintf but with xsprintf/xprintf and 48k with TI/RedHat sprintf/printf)
Spirilis - so, yes, that fact alone is cumbersome but I got around it and you can also :)
Spirilis - I would share my xprintf/sprintf if you like.
membiblio: yes it's quite contra to GNU methodology :)
and don't worry I have a nice sprintf I use too :)
oPossum at 43oh produced a very nice printf kernel of sorts that I've used/reused in a lot of places...
cause man that newlib printf infrastructure is ridiculous lol
total non-starter for embedded stuff, I vastly prefer C++ based APIs like Arduino's Print/Stream/Printable classes for embedded stuff now
Spirilis - ok cool
it could use a printf extension imo but beyond that it's easy to use
My brain breaks at the very notion of printf.
in microcontrollers
Which serial output is designated as the stdout?
Does it need to go through init first?
So I just say fu*k it, use atoi and just call my uartSendString function
Sorry, itoa()
not atoi()
<membiblio> old version - are you saying mspgc before ti/redhat the peterB version?
Yeah seeing Commander Data I'm sure was a star trek nod .. or he can't find any work and Patrick felt bad for him : )
>Heavy Breathing
Just saw the new Hardware Encryption Tiva LP is available for $16
ffffffffu*k man
heh .. man .. what gets some people's motor turning
what would you do with it?
ffffffffu*k man hardware encryption rocks my socks
just think though, that price includes breadboard headers too
it used to be a fantastic deal when shipping was free .. now that is like a 1/3 of the price
now .. not so much
wierd that digikey doesn't have them
weird that digikey doesn't have them
That's the thing, I'm just looking at different project I can do...mostly to try and pad out my resume with more projects because by now I'm starting to get real antsy
and I don't have much in the way of achieving internet connectivity, besides a couple ESP-01's
i'd like to play with the EPI thing on those
External Peripheral Interface
what i should do i just get on of those stm32f429 boards with the sdram and display already on the board
those also have an external memory interface
So basically every once in awhile I just go on eBay or Digikey or Mouser to see if I can find neat sensors or actuators under $20 if I can justify it.
avnet express has a bargin bin ..
might check there
"Excess Inventory"
interesting .. first thing in the list are those ina219a chips
for a $1.12
So "excess inventory" is basically their "Clearance Sale" section
huh never noticed the bargain bin
hi hackers
yo comrade
I'm more capitalist than all the niggers in USA
what do you think about the hedge fund guy who bought the drug company and decided to increase prices by 5000%?
is that good capitalism?
people will start importing it from india
$0.05 per pill
the gov locks them out
I bet that everyone can buy pills from ebay
it's an old drug
and it's made everywhere
I bet that you can buy it from Mexico or Canada chaper
yeah and they grow pot in mexico .. doesn't mean i can legally buy it in NC
i'm waiting for hedge fund guys to start snapping up food companies
general mills .. ceral now cost $50 a box
why not .. people gotta eat
what are they going to do grow wheat themselves
i've already seen eggs .. which used to be a like a $1.20 a dozen are now $3 something just in the last couple of months
* looks to see if he can buy cereal on ebay
jeez .. you can
kinda expensive
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