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freebeans: you might take a look at this github repo: https://github.com/yuvadm/tiva-c
huh damn, C++ templates often result in the code getting inline'd?
ah you can do attribute noinline though
heh .. avr -> tm4c1294 .. quite a jump
he needs to download and read the tivaware stuff
as far as docs, the TI stuff is a lot better than most
* as sad as that is
having the driverlib in ROM is a nice advantage of the TI stuff, a bunch of code you would normally write and store in flash is already done for you, so you don't take up flash and it runs without any flash wait states
and yeah c++ templates are meant to be inlined
the idea is you write small stuff, and instead of getting wacked with a function call overhead that is more than the code, it inlines it
if you do have big chunks of code, you can tweak the instructions per inline threshold if you don't want to add the noinline attribute ..
or you can disable inline and then make it explicit for the things you want to inline from the command line
I like the latter option the most
or just specify noline vs inline as needed
the templates do look nice and freeform which I like
struct's I haven't toyed with yet
like what your fabooh stuff uses
so i've on a bent overclocking the stm32 stuff
128MHz seems to be fine ... with WS1
there is this chinese clone of the stm32f103 stuff ..
gd32f103 ..
runs in spec up to 104MHz with 0 waitstates
they are < $1 for the 64k 20k version
when will it end ; )
docs are serious chinglish
and can't tell if it is a license deal or just a ripoff
but people have been throwing stm32f103 code on it and it seems to just run
* this is what got me wondering about the overclockability of the stm32 stuff
lol nice that's like the renesas monos flash
100MHz 0 WS
have you ever heard of gigadevices?
supposedly they have a thing called gflash .. which is fast flash tech
* they make that gd32 chip
Rickta59: i heard of gd32 before, yes
it's hilarious how nicely they copied stm32
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