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Hey Dan, Maggie, Shlok,
Thanks for taking my question. Im looking to you for a sanity check regarding my future plans.
After several years as a corporate stooge, and after a very disappointingly short recent job change, I want to take a deliberate break from the routine, the grind, and perhaps even the country.
For context: in my very early thirties; no committed relationships (excluding family); software developer by day(-job); writer and game developer by night. Just started a new full-time job  a six-month contract-to-hire gig  a couple of weeks ago.
The creative bug bit me after I launched a small, successful Kickstarter a couple of years ago. Its for a sci-fi novel, and Im still wrapping up the edits on that. I plan to wrap up the last of the work, send everything out to backers, and put a bow on it by the end of this year. And thats just my most recent large project. So, Im not scared of
long-term creative work.
Resource-wise, Im living in New York (moved for the job) but still pay for a mortgage out of state. Looking to sell that house very soon. When my 6-month contract runs out, I plan to take the liquid capital from that sale, travel out to southeast Asia or the like, and devote myself to personal project work for at least a few months.
Projects might include: my next novel, visual novels/interactive fiction (which can make surprising amounts of money right now!), various software projects, and more of the freelance work Ive just started doing. Thats a long list, but Im only going to work on one at a time. Ive learned that lesson.
Im not worried about finding a job after that stint, in case I dont gain escape velocity, because past project work like that has been a major boon in past interviews.
So, what do you think?
That came out far more wide-spaced than I expected.
I don't really get the question
go do that
you've mitigated all the risks, have a skillset that works remotely, and can jump back into the workforce if needed
just.... go
i would set some specific goals re: the personal work though
not just word vomit for six months and come back
shloky: Well, almost there. I just moved between states a few months ago for a new job, but it only lasted a month, and I'm still bouncing back from an unexpected job search.
Been helping my family (widowed mom, five younger siblings) out financially for a while, too. That's an ongoing concern, so I'm also worried about that.
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