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how can i just record everything without having to arm all individual tracks that i want to record on?
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hey, i have quick question if anyone can lend me advice. I'm not musically inclined previously, so I'm not even sure if I'm asking this question right... but I have a sample (a kick drum) that I sliced to midi. I want to play the range(I think this is what I'm looking for) on my midi controller, but only one note on the keyboard is assigned to that sample and I'm not sure how to play it up and down the scale.
HelpINeedAnAdult, when you slice a clip to midi Live creates a drum rack with each sample slice on a seperate midi note / drum rack pad as you've noticed. Find the slice you are looking for and drag the Simpler/Sampler instrument that contains the sample on to a new midi track, and you should be able to play it all over the keyboard as intended
hmm, when I drag that slice from the rack it doesn't do that. Also, once I do that, my keyboard no longer seems to play any notes at all
oh, that's probably because I don't know how to change what track is being controlled by my midi controller
ok i figured that out, but it still just looks like one midi note/drum rack pad even when I drag it over
nah dont drag the slice, drag the Simpler instrument
HelpINeedAnAdult, no audio but should make sense :) : https://floond.tinytake.com/sf/Mjc5MjY0XzE2OTEwNDc