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darkestkhan: of course the progam is legal and should compile. My point was that a runtime bounds check was unecessary because you can prove at compile time that there won't be an out of bounds access. GNAT will not (or usually doesn't - sparre has seen cases where it does) elide the check
most importantly, though, you *do* get the static guarantee that you won't go out of bounds (even if the compiler inserts a superfluous bounds check)
OCTAGRAM: never had a problem building wx or using it
it's one of the simplest api's to use
even on fu*king windows
Lucretia: I have faced this: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/wx-users/YQA0FKuyeU4
following the advice, I found these line: if wxUSE_UNICODE_MSLU || defined(__WX_STRICT_ANSI_GCC__)
Allegra--: qt is @qtada
"qt" has been added!
I don't know what author thought about, maybe if __WX_STRICT_ANSI_GCC__, then MSLU should appear out of thin air, but unfortunatelly it did not appear out of thin air and broke the build this way
I can tell that's a macro error on windows specific target
you're building using mingw/msys?
what's your system compiler? gcc or clang?
and yeah, just making sure it's gcc
oconnore: ahh https://wiki.wxwidgets.org/MSLU
OCTAGRAM: what's your configure line look like?
oconnore: ignore that, it was for OCTAGRAM
OCTAGRAM: the fix is to use --enable-mslu not disable it
vadim, who actually works on wx,should know, but sometimes, he talks out of his arse
tried both options
it should build with or without mslu really, but if it's not building it's a bug on their end
I've not tried a windows build in a long time
mmm... pizza...
IIUC if --enable-mslu is specified, but if libunicows is missing, it gets turned off anyway
but the fact that you're getting mslu symbol linking errors means theres a bug
is this a release version or git?
I tried pure MinGW, failed, then used MSYS/MinGW only
actualy, 2.9.5??
they're on 3 now
use that
in that link it say 2.9.5
and to use configure, you need msys as well
no, I tried previous stable release (2.8.12) also, it does not build because of missing _mkdir or so
I'm not in a position to try right now
so I can see two stable releases not being able to build out of box
I would go back, if possiblt through the 3.x releases. you see I know the windows builds are tested with visualc, I can't say the same about mingw
mslu is new to me
I do have a mingw32 cross compiler
MinGW is actually GNAT 2015 GPL in my case
I don't know why people think of the various gnats as different compilers, they're not. they're the same
just different versions
well, sf being as sh*t as it is, wont let me dwnload a zip of the source
doing a cross build
ok, failed, but not on linking the above
heh, not so funny but sf subversion and cvs are still offline
OCTAGRAM: Yes, I build on Windows. (Sorry about the delay; I just got back.)
gpl2015 -> build of gprbuild depends on xmalada ... build of xmalada depends on gprbuild ?
marino seems to have worked around the circular dependenvy by writing his own Makefile for the bsd's
(Action) unhappy chappy
Shark8: do you use MSYS? I don't remember if GNATCOLL requires it or not
how do you guys read c.l.a? i've had a free usenet account and used tin, but it's not working any more...
i would much prefer to get it in email form
without setting up 9 megatons of perl scripts or whatever that is
tobiasu: i use it thu google groups (web browser)
heh, that's not for me
tobiasu: I use google groups
[with email digest]
tobiasu (et al.): I run my own usenet server.
And I hand out accounts to friendly Ada programmers. ;-)
OCTAGRAM: I can't compile wx3.0.2 on gentoo as the winapi seems to be broken or old and some enums are defined but commented out, so the build fails.
OCTAGRAM: (re: MSYS & GNATCOLL) I was using Cygwin. I think it has MSYS in it.
sparre: (re: usnet accounts) I might have to take you up on that offer... the server that I was using kind of crapped out on me.
Shark8: msys is native ports, cygwin is wrapped and ships with a dll containing the posix wrapper code
they are separate
if you build with cygwin, you end up linking to that dll - much like the gnu ports that were done on AmigaOS
if you work with msys/mingw, you don't have to link with that dll, it's all native
Yeah, that was all before my computer crash about a year ago -- I haven't installed Cygwin or msys since and have been happy.
The only reason I had to install it in the first place was certain build-scripts... ironically for Ada projects.
(Given Ada's good portability characteristics it's absolutely shameful that we have people relying on make.)
(Action) uses make
it wraps longer command lines
Yeah. It does.
But we ought to have a better build-tool than make.
well, you could just have a script file and turn on certain bits with flags, but that aint portable
Shark8: 'make' has the benefit of being a single command. Even 'gprbuild' needs you to pass it at least two arguments to build an Ada project.
(or is it only one?)
...by having an implicit "./makefile" argument.
gprbuild I think is one, specifying the GPR.
sparre: I just tested it, it is only one required argument.
sparre: ...unless you've got a library dependency, in which case you have to specify that.
Wouldn't you put that in the project file?
...I wonder how many of the AdaCore guys dev on 'non-standard' installations. It would probably make their build tools nicer if they did.
You do...
Let me pop up an example.
C:\Programming\Projects\IDL>gprbuild idl.gpr
idl.gpr:11:04: no value defined for "opentoken_build"
idl.gpr:11:36: warning: undefined external reference
gprbuild: "idl.gpr" processing failed
...well, technically, that's the parameter that opentoken needs.
A better system would allow you to input values there (list possible enumerations, strings, integers, maybe even floats), probably saving the defaults in another file.
Shark8: you don't need to specify anything with gprbuild... if you do then a) you do it intentionally or b) yer lazy and didn't set up GPR_PROJECT_PATH envvar
Lucretia: sf repos still down but the asa2xml piece appears to have much more recent activity than the other stuff
*asis2xml even
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