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txomon|fon: hum... what do you need to get a sim for me? name and address? I have a nexus 5, so I'll need a micro-sim, not nano-sim like I guess is the new default
Hello, is there a guide to install mopidy on FreeBSD?
jodal, I will see, no worries, maybe is just to go to the shop. I can register it to my name =)
jodal, what fare do you want?
I see the 7¬ one enought =)
Afternoon. I have a quick question. I'm working on issue #997 almost ready to push it but I've no idea how to set up a new default config value. Can someone point me in the right direction or provide an example to build off of?
txomon|fon: yeah, I guess that's enough
RonaldZ: the default config values are usually read from an .conf file, like mopidy/local/ext.conf
RonaldZ: we don't have a [core] section in the config yet, and there is no core extension, so we probably have to change something a bit deeper to add a [core] section
Any suggestions? Looking back through 997's comments, looks like we were pretty dead-set on adding in a config value. From the looks of it, I'd have to add onto actor.py putting in place the config schema.
the core actor has a _config attribute, as was added in PR #1122
I'll see about how to add an empty [core] config section
adamcik: what do you think? should we simply make core an extension that doesn't register anything and that doesn't have the enabled=true config?
RonaldZ: with that change, you can add your default config value to mopidy/core/ext.conf and the config schema declaration to mopidy/core/ext.py
meh! :P
ok, that was an unrelated race condition bug I've never seen before
Computer Science, if you're not breaking something somewhere you're not doing anything.
RonaldZ: that sounds quite to the point ;-)
this was in fact a quite old typo in the test, made visible by a newer and stricter version of the mock lib
that typo is at least 4y old
Ok, let's see what I can put together for you so we can get rid of that pesky core is disabled complaint.
RonaldZ: to make the mopidy find the new core extension, you have to rerun "pip install -e ." in the mopidy dir
Thanks, will do
(or `python setup.py develop` if you roll that way, I'm keeping to recommendations that matches the dev env docs now :-) )
You know... I should probably update my build environment to match the current docs
I set up this environment at the beginning of this year, so probably out of date.
Thanks for the reminder, think I'll do that.
the dev env docs hasn't changed since they where added, but I guess that was in response to a request from you or your team?
hopefully we'll get some practical testing of them on the europython sprints next weekend
It was a response to something the team brought up.
I'm guessing you're done with the semester now, and you're continuing on your own?
Yep, a lot of the group graduated but I've still some college time left.
is the core config working out? :-)
there... get_distinct() support in mopidy-spotify 2 landed
adamcik: want to have a look at https://discuss.mopidy.com/t/seek-location-in-a-youtube-stream-url/810/1 ?
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