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I have a question about running mopidy as a service on a Raspberry Pi. I used to be able to manually start it using "sudo service mopidy start". Today I reconfigured using dpkg-reconfigure to start at boot. Then I couldn't access the mopidy service website anymore. I undid the config to not run at boot and now when I start the service and check the status it's not running. Any thoughts? This is my first time setting this up so I'm
never mind. Looks like the address is already in use, according to the log. I guess mopidy wasn't shut down properly for whatever reason
awwwwww he left
i finally got smart a couple weeks ago, and after setting up the pi/mopidy the exact way i wanted it, i made a backup of the card
so i can test dev extensions and mess around with the config
jodal, will get your SIM today :D and btw, I can go pick you up to the airport at 23pm
is anyone more from here coming?
txomon|fon: Martin, a coworker of mine, is coming on the same flight
txomon|fon: thanks for the offer, but if you have somewhere else to be, work will pay for the taxi!
yeah, in my car everyone fits in, just in case another from mopidy was coming at a different time, I don't mind picking up =
I don't have anywhere else to be at 23:00 haha
what!? no preparty for the organizers? :-)
I'm coming on LH1146 from Frankfurt
is dz0ny coming? I noticed you CC-ed him on the email some weeks ago
that was just in case haha
no idea if he's coming, anyway, I am not volunteer during EP, i was sticking posters all around the university
however, I volunteered my sister
do you know if there's any preregistration of sprint projects? IIRC there was a prereg last year, but I haven't seen any information about it this year
no AFAIK, the only thing was the google session
but we have guidebook
anyway it makes sense to not *require* prereg, as I guess there's lots of people meeting during the week and only then realizing that they want to sprint on something
btw, did you notice that first 3 days are super busy but then it's like underloaded?
looking at number of talks, or number of interesting talks?
it looks quite even, just looking at the number of talks
look at the levels
and the topic
there... spent half an hour looking through most of the schedule
yeah, I spent a little more because tagged as favorites and noted down in the guidebook
so, once again, I believe I've fixed the infinte recursion crashes in pyspotify... but how to reproduce? :-)
(Action) rereads irc logs of the last round of code review/debugging with kingosticks
jodal: there was just blog post about the sprints
@Jodal Odd, I'm getting an AttributeError now. Line 88 of __init__.py, 'ExtensionData' object has no attribute 'get_default_config'
Odd because looking at the commit, you did include get_default_config in the core extension
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