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doesn't match with what you said from europython though, so maybe it's just an outdated statement
must be outdated, probably from back when only ios was released
the full quote is "Important! LibSpotify and CocoaLibSpotify are no longer under active development on any platform and are considered deprecated. If you are building applications for iOS or Android, please use the iOS SDK or Android SDK, and we will be providing a new library for other platforms later this year."
so it's from after android sdk was released at least
I can email the spotify employee that looked into this for us and see if we at least can get that text updated
trygveaa yes but the message on the latest dev branch of mopidy-spotify states "Require pyspotify >= 2.0.2"
jodal: letsencrypt general availability has been pushed back to nov now :(
(Action) tested a couple of new IRC notification hooks
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