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kingosticks: should we steal https://github.com/kingosticks/mopidy-tunein/blob/develop/mopidy_tunein/tunein.py#L98 back to mopidy?
and the other parser improvements
also do you still need some way to check for working alternate streams?
adamcik: ready for 1.1.1?
go for it
this must be our largest bug fix release ever... https://mopidy.readthedocs.org/en/latest/changelog/#v1-1-1-2015-09-14
I was just thinking about if we should have a max age for things in 1.1.x type branches
after n days we just release a bug fix release instead of waiting
we probably would have, except complaints about all issues except the playlist unwrapping issue disappeared after the first week
adamcik: I've not had a look at where we are with latest and greatest playlist handling in Mopidy. But that asf hack is useful, I think
adamcik: working alternate streams would be nice. With Tunein they usually offer at least a couple of stream links and those links may be playlists which may expand to a load more stream links
last time i tried it didn't seem possible to do this with then scanner in translate_uri (but that was ages ago)
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