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I asked the question about finding songs in the same directory as another song and I had to leave before there was an answer. So is it possible?
Including remote directories like spotify?
did anyone see https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Mopidy-Touchscreen/ ?
I got really astonished! hahaha
btw, I finally broke with my gf and will be going london anyway
Hi all! Are there any plans/ideas to play existing multicast-streams? I have a dvblast-instance in my network with minisapserver, so playing multicast-streams would be a nice feature. Or haven't I found the right doku?
kakohari: I think there was something written about that through hacking into the gstreamer pipeline
but I don't remember the exact links, I know there is something in the issues and IIRC something in the docs
txomon|sauron: Thanks! All I've seen was referring to create a multicast. So maybe I should dive into the source :-)
there is not much in the source really, but there are some interesting pipelines adamcik crafted