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Freso: stuck on "Sending page 554 of 2145 to ListenBrainz"
Freso: restarted it now, and it went much much faster than yesterday, and is already past the point it got stuck at
Freso: and now I can actually see some data at LB, something I couldn't before restarting the import
Freso: so now I can browse 107k scrobbles in 25 items at the time \o/ :-D
jodal: There have been *a lot* of "putting out fires" on the LB (and MessyBrainz) server(s) since it was announced last Thursday.
The codebase and server set-up really wasn't ready to handle the amount of load it's gotten in the last few days. :)
But a bunch of performance improvements went in yesterday.
jodal adamcik I have left finally Fon, my girlfriend (she's gone with other one), and I am now located in london. At least I found a place to work at http://musaic.com
And I am alone in london, so if anyone wants to meet me, I am probably with freetime
txomon|sauron: I know some MusicBrainz people are based in London and some of the hackers who did the original ListenBrainz codebase too, I think.
txomon|sauron: wow, that's a lot of changes in a short time... hope you're well!
jodal: well... my personal life got shot, but I think I will do well
txomon|sauron: you finished your studies this summer?
I got a working 7" raspberry pi touch panel on my desk, showing a infintely spinning cat in the scratch programming environment
I have mopidy-touchscreen running on the rpi 7" touchscreen, but it seems a bit off on what touches it registers and very slow
running on a rpi2, so it should be fast enough
and it also requires mopidy to be run in way that makes it possible to set e.g. DISPLAY=:0.0 to get it to show the ui
this should probably be an independent client, not an extension
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