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now using mopidy-mobile, and a hegel super as an external dac... alsasink + mopidy-alsamixer is a nice mix :-)
mopidy-mobile only shows the top of the cover art if you have a wide screen
anyone know what sound cards are supported out of the box by raspbian and/or pi musicbox?
cirrus logic vs wolfson vs pi-dac+
hello, I am having trouble playing anything with the mopify frontend on mopidy...
recommended playlists etc are loading, but it never loads the actual tracklist or responds when i hit the play button
additionally, when i set debug=true in the mopidy config file, it breaks further .. generating a 404 when i try to load the interface initially
jodal: nope, I didn't finish
but I had way too many things on my mind
jodal: please feel free to open an issue with MoMo regarding that cut-off cover art thing
Or anything else you notice when running on the RPI touch
I may get to do something about this eventually
tkem: done
Not hi-prio though, since focus is still on "mobile", but its a nice use case
Regarding pi sound cards, I'm quite happy with the IQaudio DAC+
No hassles so far, but haven't dug too deeply yet
My Wolfson/cirrus has been lying around in its box for several months now
Couldn't get myself to mess around with the drivers
Thought they would have settled that by now
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