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would be great if github had a move bug function within an org
jodal: do you remember there ever being an issue with spotify starred playlist contents being in the reverse order?
i have vague memories of there being a code path where we reversed it so it was correct, but I cannot find it
maybe im going mad
ahhh ha! https://github.com/mopidy/mopidy-spotify/blob/v1.3.0/mopidy_spotify/translator.py#L118
which we seemed to have lost in 2.x
..or was it in fact wrong in 1.x? it actually seems the right behaviour now. Seems I have gone mad after all.
kingosticks: yes, I remember. what's the state in 2.x?
hello, is pyspotify compatible with python 3 at all? or do i have to use python 2?
osum4est: quoting the second section in the readme: "It works on CPython 2.7 and 3.2+, as well as PyPy 2.6+ and PyPy3 2.5+."
osum4est: if anything indicates otherwise, please let me know!
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